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My Bathroom is a small family run company, that specializes in bathroom, kitchen and laundry renovations in Melbourne. We are your total renovations solutions, from concept stage, through the construction stage, until hand over. With the latest designing software, My Bathroom provides a 3D plan of proposed renovations, providing clients with a realistic illustration of their renovations. This also provides critical information such as color and tile combinations, widths between fixtures and doorways, and use of space.

5 Kitchen Renovations That Will Leave You Full Of Ideas

The "before and after" images are a source of sure inspiration. It is very stimulating to see how an environment was originally and then the result of the renovation with ideas that sometimes we can not imagine or propose.

In today's book of ideas our professionals will show you 5 old and dull kitchens and their subsequent renovation and remodeling. Some with small design modifications and others with major structural changes but all with wonderful results.

If renewing is living, welcome to the life of remodeling!

1 Before: Abandonment

This kitchen that seems abandoned, refers to an environment inside an old house, not used for several years. And although it does not show signs of total devastation, a renewal becomes imperious. With facilities in disrepair and an old design, this kitchen wanted to run away.

After: Saving Recovery

Providing warmth and turning the environment into a more welcoming one, the blue guard we saw in the previous photo was replaced by a wooden band, which matches the new kitchen counter. The furniture under table was also changed to a cream color, with a charming rustic style. The cupboard was completely removed from the upper part and instead two more practical, comfortable and functional shelves were placed.

2 Before: The Old '70s

A clearly old kitchen, like in the 70s, very messy and not very functional. Guess girl for all members of the house and the provision of furniture does not help good circulation. The workspace is almost nil and the general decoration is close to bad taste.

After: Radical and Extreme Change

The practicality of U-shaped kitchens is undeniable and here is a clear example of this. To achieve this, all furniture and countertops were changed and a new one was added, which not only adds work space but also saved. We opted for a modern style and darker brown color that together with black provide distinction and elegance.

The refrigerator was relocated and the rest of the room was painted in a very clear tone to illuminate and highlight the space.

3. Before: a Strange Kitchen without Charm

This kitchen looks strange, not only for the different materials and colors of the furniture (cupboards, table and table) but for the general design, since the counter under the window does not have a clear function.

After: a Modern, Fresh and Young Kitchen

The repair was almost total. Except for the floor and the windows that stayed the same, the rest changed radically. The white color illuminated all the atmosphere that was previously dark and dreary. They changed table, chairs and furniture of the kitchen: from pantry, countertop and taps to the same oven and burners. The upper storage cupboard was enlarged but at the same time it was concealed in a way that does not obstruct the view, lights were added and a style of cuisine close to minimalism was achieved.

4 Before: Old and Off

This old kitchen with an aesthetic typical of the '80s, lost charm and beauty. The tiles printed in shades of brown and beige, creating a guard, were obsolete in terms of design as well. Poor lighting does not help and makes it a sad and dark kitchen.

After: Radiant and Luminous

A resounding and wonderful change. The white floods the room illuminating the whole environment and creating a greater amplitude and visual cleanliness. Straight and neat lines for new and neat minimalist furniture. The detail that delicately calls attention are the work utensils hanging on the wall and ready to use.

New countertop totally black contrasting with the general white, new faucets and brand new appliances.

5. Before: Worn and Tired

A kitchen with L design, with plenty of storage space and a general color somewhat lackluster. In general, this environment is not bad but it is a bit worn and the renovation would not take long to arrive. In some part of the furniture the passage of time is noticed and the general lighting is not generous.

After: Illuminated and Renovated

A space, with design and good taste can always be better and, moreover, it can be totally transformed.

The kitchen was rebuilt almost from scratch. All the cupboards were changed and, although the shape of the integral kitchen furniture was not modified, cabinets were removed that removed space and did not add to the space.

As for the colors, a palette of dark tones was replaced by a much lighter one. A strip of small tiles was placed that extends to the dining room integrating both spaces and providing a modern and creative touch. The old cupboard that divided the kitchen from the dining room was transformed into a breakfast bar with high sidewalks.

New appliances were added and the refrigerator was moved. The floors were also renovated by light and bright colors, and in terms of lighting were added a couple of hanging lamps.

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